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  Manbet 因为灯箱外观都不是单一的色彩,因此灯箱的亚克力外观有许多处理体例。在这里河南人事考试信息网,那今天我们济南灯箱制作公司小编就给大家介绍灯箱外观丝网印刷和有效贴膜这两种处理体例。
  Because the surface of the lamp box is not a single color, so there are a lot of light box acrylic surface treatment. Here, that today we Jinan light box making company will give you the surface of the lamp box screen printing and useful film of the two treatments.
  1、Manbet 济南灯箱制作的有效贴膜的体例:比较简单的或工艺如今还达不到要求的,还稀有量比较很少但要考虑成本的,比如说字或图案太小的,我们采用贴膜,但在这里肯定要强调不要用市场里那些很便宜的很容易退色的那些膜,肯定要用那些户外的保质时间久的品牌灯膜,否则维护费用要很高,如许临时的低成本造成更高的维护成本;
  A useful foil: relatively simple or process now has not yet reached the requirements, and the number of relatively few but to consider the cost, for example, the word or pattern is too small, we use film, but here must emphasize not market in those very cheap very easy to fade the film, be sure to membranes with long quality guarantee period of the outdoor brand lamps, or maintenance costs to a very high, such a moment of low cost caused by higher maintenance costs.
  2、Manbet 济南灯箱制作的丝网印刷体例:这个是我们很常用的吸塑灯箱的画面处理体例,也是比较理想的,分外是我们在有肯定数量时尽可能采用的做法武汉网页设计,但在丝印时肯定要求用好的油墨,由于我们的板材还要通过高温烤和压塑;否则,制作过程中就很容易刮花,使用一段时间后也容易退色。
  screen printing: This is a picture of our very commonly used plastic boxes, is the ideal, especially us in a certain number of as far as possible the use of practice, but in screen printing certain requirements of the use of ink, because our plate also through high temperature baking and compression molding; otherwise, the production of process is very easy to scratch, after using a period of time also easy to fade.
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